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Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure

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Learn the principles of Traditional Chinese character composition, all the way to being able to read, write and listen to over 300 elementary Chinese vocabularies in authentic Cantonese and Mandarin.

Innovative digital smart cards lets the user form Chinese characters on an iPad screen from a radical card and a non-radical card placed alongside each other. The app will the provide the meaning and pronunciation. The app contains an AI algorithm that, when combined with the Apple Pencil, teaches the user the correct stroke sequence of the Chinese character. This aspect of Chinese learning has traditionally been the most difficult part for both native and non-native speakers alike and now the solution is here!

The whole tactile experience reinforces memory and increases learning effectiveness. 

The app is freely downloadable from Apple App Store -- simply unlock the app by tapping any of the smart cards in the app. There is a Story Mode and a Drill Mode. In the Story Mode, the player will travel with a companion (Tofu the turtle, Green Bean Paste the dinosaur, or Strawberry the unicorn) to visit various everyday situations and learn different events and objects in Chinese. In the Drill Mode, the player can practice individual aspects of the Chinese language (i.e. character composition, pronunciation or writing) to reinforce learning results and commit to memory.

Developed with CSENIE of the Education University of Hong Kong, the pedagogy on Chinese is based on the authoritative "Lexical Lists for Chinese Learning in Hong Kong" published by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. The number of Chinese vocabularies roughly spans a typical Grade 1 to 3 primary school curriculum in Hong Kong.

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